We really enjoyed our time with The McIntosh Family this winter.  We shot downtown Carmel in the Arts District…which fit them so well.  They just exude class and elegance and so the setting was perfect!  Steve is the Senior Pastor at Discover Church in Fishers and his wife Holly plays an intricate roll in the everyday workings of the church and staff.  His daughter Kay and her husband Andrew are both on staff at the church as well as the Music & Fine Arts Director and Pastor of Administration and Youth.  His other daughter Elyse is the Director of the churches “New Adventures Day Care” Program, a learning environment for children 6 Wks.— Pre K.  We really love this family and their commitment to pursuing God’s calling in their life and in the ministry and feel blessed to know them and share life with their wonderful two daughters! 🙂


Carmel Family: McIntosh Family Fall 2013

December 5, 2013

images Copyright The Siners Photography