To say this last weekend was epic is an understatement! We feel so blessed to have captured this beautiful coastal wedding on the private island of Isleboro, Maine…every last detail was absolutely stunning! The bride Emily, her Mom, Susan, and mother in law, Robin, did an amazing job putting the wedding together and literally thought of every last detail. The day was filled with so much love and family ties starting with the location of the wedding at the groom’s family summer vacation home off the coast of Maine. It made for the most amazing backdrop and meaningful site for the wedding and reception. The day started at the beautiful home of Bruce and Kerry Claflin (the gorgeous yellow one) where the girls got their hair done by Melissa Garland and Angela Cudmore of Shadowbox Salon and the bridesmaids makeup was done by her best friend and bridesmaid Arielle. The morning was full of beautiful details like the stunning one of a kind dress by Watters WToo, the always beautiful bridesmaid dresses by JCrew and Joanna August, stop you in your tracks Valentino shoes, and gorgeous rings and custom earrings from Hannoush and Springers Jewelers. Then she borrowed a beautiful necklace from her Mother in memory of her Grandmother who passed away as well as her amazing bracelet (something old) in memory of Tadd’s grandmother who passed away earlier this year…so meaningful and touching. The beautiful invitations you see were designed, printed and embossed by the bride herself…insane right?…with a custom watercolor done by her mother-in-law! I told you they thought of everything!!

From there we headed to a small cottage on the other side of the island to capture Tadd and his friends getting ready! Tadd and his family are big sailors and not only do they own sail boats (a 41’ Concordia Yawl) and sail together but his Dad, brother and himself built two boats together…AMAZING right?! The first boat they built was a 12.5’ Herreshoff that took them a total of 9 years to build…then built a tender for their other boat that took them 2 years…you will see the tender featured in part two of the wedding blog! The watch Tadd wore for the wedding was a gift from his Dad to commemorate their trip on the haute route in Switzerland. Tadd has always had a huge passion for space and NASA and so Emily had the cuff links custom made by Paul Smith for him as a wedding gift in the shape of a space ship…so cute! The incredibly stylish custom suits you see are Brooks Brothers and if that weren’t enough Tadd had custom shoes made by Timberland Boot Co. (Tadd works there as a Footwear Innovation Engineer) for all the groomsmen and himself.

We then took them to “South Beach”, as they call it on the island, for their first look and portraits! The setting and views were literally breathtaking…it was straight out of a East Coast magazine! It took everything in us to stop shooting! We absolutely loved our time with Emily and Tadd and their families and can definitely say this will not be our last time to visit this hidden gem. Make sure and keep an eye out for part two of this phenomenal wedding as these two lovebirds get married in Tadd’s Father’s custom built wood shop and backyard overlooking the coast of Isleboro. Trust us…you don’t want to miss it!

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East Coast Wedding Photographer | Islesboro, Maine | Tadd + Emily | Part 1

May 21, 2017

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