We really enjoyed our time with Dottie + Henrik in Marion, Indiana.  They actually met in Marion at Indiana Wesleyan University because they both accepted jobs as faculty at the college and moved, with varying levels of blindness, to wonderful Marion, Indiana. While Dottie had lived in Indiana since middle school and knew IWU a bit from her undergrad and adjunct-faculty experiences there, Henrik moved from New York State with an embarrassing level of ambiguity about which “I” state was which (Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Idaho…). Dottie was kind enough to laugh nonviolently when she learned this, and did not immediately dismiss Henrik as an ignorant New Yorker.  **Her words not ours! 😉

The two first spotted one another at IWU new faculty orientation. For weeks, they concocted various semi-artificial excuses to spend time together. Standing in line for un-necessary ID cards, requesting help moving air conditioner units that could have been moved by a landlord, and “accidentally buying too much steak” at the store are a few outstanding examples of these excuses, all of which resulted in wonderful memories together. Though quite different in some ways, Dottie and Henrik were brought together through delightful episodes of laughter, curiosity, bafflement, and appreciation.  They showed us around Indiana Weslyan University where they first met.  They even showed us a park bench, one of their excuses to spend time together or should I say “bump” into one another, where they would both wait for each other to get out of class everyday.  Their love for each other is genuine and sweet and we can’t wait to share in their wedding day with them.  Meet Dottie and Henik…

Indianapolis Engagement: Dottie + Henrik

March 25, 2014

images Copyright The Siners Photography