After Part 2 of Lance & Ashley’s shoot we were able to grab dinner with them and get to know them better as a couple and a little bit more of their story.  They grew up in the same small Indiana town and knew of each other growing up but never really connected since they went to different schools.   After high school they parted ways.  They reconnected through a mutual friend once back in Indy and Lance so kindly offered to show Ashley the ins and outs of Indianapolis.  (I am sure there was no ulterior motive there!) 🙂 So they met up for dinner one night and the rest is history!  We can’t tell you how sweet and thankful this couple is!  We are so glad we have had the opportunity to get to know them and can’t wait to share in their big day in 2014!

Indianapolis Engagement Session: Lance + Ashley, Part 2

November 18, 2013

images Copyright The Siners Photography