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The heart of our country is the Midwest and that is where our roots lie. But as lovers of telling a beautiful story our experience as wedding photographers and visual storytellers has taken us all over the world. You deserve to have your story told and documented and that is what we are here for. Just think, years from now you will be sitting with your grandkids flipping through your wedding album and looking back on the moment and the day that started you on your journey and began your legacy. 

Introducing Carmel High School Senior, Anna!
Q. Tell us a little bit about you:
A. My name is Anna ! I have wonderful, loving parents named Mike and Kristin, as well as a 12 year old brother named Nick. I also have a precious pup, named Hep. My dad was born in Greece, so I come from a huge Greek family, which is so fun. I enjoy spending time with my family, hanging out with friends, shopping, participating in Younglife events, giving advice, taking naps, and vacationing at the beach. I also love meeting new people and serving others. I am so excited to get my pictures taken by The Siners Photography and kick off my Senior year with such amazing people!


Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0001Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0002Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0003Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0004

Q. What are you most looking forward to in your Senior Year?
A. I am excited to know for sure what university I will be attending. I also hope to leave my final mark on my high school. I want to leave a legacy that was about serving others and making a difference in my community, and I hope that people remember that is what I aimed to have my actions display. On a less serious note, I am so excited to be a senior at sporting events. I am a huge Carmel sports fan, and I can not wait to continue watching Carmel sports succeed!

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Q. What kind of activities or sports are you a part of? Favorite things to do outside of school?
A. I am involved in many extracurricular activities. First of all, I have been swimming for Carmel Swim Club for 12 years and have been swimming for Carmel High School for 3 years. I am proud to be apart of the legacy that is Carmel Swimming, as our girls team has won 28 consecutive state championships. Also, I am very involved in Younglife, which is a non-denominational Christian ministry. Not only do I participate in Younglife for myself, I also lead a group of 6th grade girls through the middle school version of the ministry, called Wyldlife. In addition, I have been in the House of Representatives for my school for 3 years, and am planning on running for Student Body President for the 2014-2015 school year. I am also a Greyhound Kick-Off Mentor, which means I mentor a group of about 25 freshman as they navigate through their first year of high school. Also, I am President of Wild Bunch for 2014-2015, which means I am in charge of all of the school’s spirit activities for all school sports. I have been very busy preparing for that job next year! I am very active in DECA, which is a business organization that hosts competitions for high school aged kids. I just competed in state and finished, 1st, 2nd, and 5th in my events. Besides all of my extracurricular school activities, I volunteer at Riley Children’s Hospital in the summer. I also lifeguard in the summer and I have my own private and group swim lesson business. In addition to those activities, I frequently shadow doctors in the greater Indianapolis area, in order to build relationships and obtain a better idea about what sector of the medical field I wish to go into.

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Q. What are your plans for the future? (ex. College you plan to attend)
A. After graduation, I am definitely planning on attending college. Currently my number one choice of schools is Vanderbilt University, but I am also looking at Northwestern, University of Chicago, Loyola, University of Virginia, and Marquette. I hope to eventually enter the medical field, whether it be as a doctor or as a nurse practitioner. Besides attending college and pursuing my career, I also hope to remain active in Younglife, which is a non-denominational Christian ministry. I also hope to practice medicine in less developed countries, as well as participate in mission trips. In college, I plan on being in a sorority, remaining active in student government, and volunteering my time to different organizations in the community that my university is located.

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Q. Tell us something unique or something people don’t know about you!
A. When I was in fifth grade I was diagnosed with Crohns disease, and since then I have had countless procedures and surgeries. Also, during my freshman year I was diagnosed with a disease of the metabolic pathways in my liver. Dealing with these health issues has greatly challenged me in my life, but they have taught me to persevere and never give up. I am thankful that God has had me go through these challenges, because these diseases have helped shaped me into the young woman that I am today.

Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0033Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0034Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0035Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0036Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0037Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0038Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0039Anna K Indianapolis Senior Photography_TheSinersPhotography_0040

Q. What is your best quality?
A. I think one of my best qualities is that I am super outgoing. I love meeting new people, conversing with others, and I am interested in getting to know others and what they are about. I take pride in the fact that I have good conversation skills, because I feel like those skills will aid me in many situations in life.

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