We had such a fun trip to Mackinac Island to shoot an intimate ceremony between Nichole and Parke.  A couple days before the wedding we snuck them away to do a few Engagement Pictures.  Mackinac Island is amazing with its rugged outdoor activities, breathtaking coastal views, clean, noise-free air and a quaint, village ambiance filled with the soft clopping of horses everywhere you turn!  It’s like you have taken a step back into a different era.  There were so many amazing scenic spots at every turn!  Nichole and Parke made such an effort to make us feel at home and taken care of and we had such a fun time getting to know them both.  They have such a unique story…they were neighbors who, if not for Parke’s kids, would never have met.  It was so fun to hear how Parke’s two kids fell in love with Nichole and her many animals and would drag him next door to meet the “animal lady”!  Little did they know they were playing matchmaker. 🙂 They are the perfect match and we are so happy they found each other.  We can’t wait for you to see their beautiful wedding story later this month!

All around the Island there are “Cairns” which are man-made piles (or stacks) of stones.  It is a tradition around the Island to add a stone as you pass by one to mark that you have passed by.  It only seemed appropriate for Nichole & Parke to join in the Macinac Island tradition and add their stone as a memorial to having been on that trail and starting their life together.

Mackinac Island Engagement: Nichole + Parke

October 1, 2013

images Copyright The Siners Photography