Meet our daughter Ella!  Ella is extremely kind, sweet and generous.  She has a somber and quite exterior and such a fun personality.  She takes a while to warm up to but once you do she will melt your heart with her little giggles and “sweet eyes”…  This girl LOVES to sleep.  She would sleep until noon if you let her. (And we are not complaining 🙂 ) …Recently her favorite activities have become jumping on the bed, following big brother Zeke around and copying his every move, and singing (Her favorite song to sing is “Let It Go” from Frozen) … Another thing about Ella is that her “blankie” goes everywhere with her. We CANNOT leave home without it…  We can’t believe we are going to be celebrating Ella’s 2nd birthday this year already, where has the time gone?!   We are excited to share a few pictures of our little baby girl with you and hope you enjoy!


Meet Our Family: Ella Avery

February 26, 2014

images Copyright The Siners Photography