Want to find the next food network star? Look no further than our latest shoot!! 😉 Gabriela aka The Gourmet Gab runs the food blog thegourmetgab.com and has huge aspirations for her life as a chef and inspirational food blogger/writer. Pair all of that with her phenomenal talent in the kitchen and her bubbly personality and I promise you that within the next 5-10 years you will be seeing, Gabby, on one of your favorite Food Network tv shows! 🙂

Gabby has been babysitting for us for the past year and we can not tell you how thrilled we are that we found her! She is so great with our kids and they just love her!! The first time our daughter, Ella, met Gabby she told Gabby that she looked like Annie because of her curly hair. And to this day Gabby still lets Ella affectionately call her “Annie”!! (I am not sure Ella even knows her real name at this point! haha) 🙂

For our shoot in the Mustard Seed Gardens kitchen Gabby prepared a summer stone fruit salad (peaches, avocado, charred corn, pistachio, and dried cranberries), a Greek Quinoa Salad (tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta, and fresh dill) and a Lemon Pepper Salmon! For these recipes and more check out her blog! The best part about a food styled shoot is that when its all over you get to EAT the food!! Hope you enjoy looking through these photos as much as we enjoyed our time photographing The Gourmet Gab!!


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Want to Meet The NEXT Food Network Star?? | Gourmet Gab

June 16, 2017

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