11 Acre Horse Farm in the rural community just outside Zionsville, IN.  This 11,000 square foot home features a movie room, sauana, a guest apartment, European wall overlooking the pool, large pond on the back of the property.  Also, included is a working horse barn with a loft with over 5 acres of fenced in area for the horses. Contact Ben Jones: Ben@buywithben.com for more information!! (Drone coverage provided by Bobby Pflum) Hunt Club Blog_0001Hunt Club Blog_0001bHunt Club Blog_0001c Itown Weeekend Preview_0009 Hunt Club Blog_0002Hunt Club Blog_0002bHunt Club Blog_0002cHunt Club Blog_0002dHunt Club Blog_0002eHunt Club Blog_0002fHunt Club Blog_0002gHunt Club Blog_0002hHunt Club Blog_0002iHunt Club Blog_0002jHunt Club Blog_0002kHunt Club Blog_0002lHunt Club Blog_0003aHunt Club Blog_0003abHunt Club Blog_0003bHunt Club Blog_0003cHunt Club Blog_0003dHunt Club Blog_0003fHunt Club Blog_0003gHunt Club Blog_0004aHunt Club Blog_0004bHunt Club Blog_0004cHunt Club Blog_0004dHunt Club Blog_0004eHunt Club Blog_0004fHunt Club Blog_0004gHunt Club Blog_0004hHunt Club Blog_0005aHunt Club Blog_0005bHunt Club Blog_0006Hunt Club Blog_0007Hunt Club Blog_0009 Itown Weeekend Preview_0010 Hunt Club Blog_0010Hunt Club Blog_0011Hunt Club Blog_0012Hunt Club Blog_0013 Itown Weeekend Preview_0007Itown Weeekend Preview_0008 Hunt Club Blog_0016 Itown Weeekend Preview_0012 Hunt Club Blog_0017Hunt Club Blog_0018Hunt Club Blog_0018bHunt Club Blog_0018cHunt Club Blog_0027Hunt Club Blog_0027aHunt Club Blog_0027bHunt Club Blog_0027cHunt Club Blog_0028Hunt Club Blog_0052Hunt Club Blog_0053Hunt Club Blog_0054Hunt Club Blog_0056b

Zionsville Country Estate | Private Estate Photographer

July 25, 2017

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