We absolutely cannot wait for this stunning couple’s wedding! Can’t wait to spend more time with Elizabeth & Lucas this fall on their big day!  Before we get to the pictures here is Elizabeth & Lucas’s engagement story…
Elizabeth’s View:

I got home from work and went up to my room. I knew we had plans to go to dinner and I wanted to be ready on time (for once). I got up to my room to find it CLEAN. Oh, and over 200 roses. 🙂 We went out to dinner at Flemmings (yum). When we got back, Lucas presented me with a long box saying, “I couldn’t wait any longer to give you this…” My reaction was “Awe, Lucas, you shouldn’t have!” …I was serious – the long box was a big hint that it wasn’t the piece of jewelry I really wanted. Well, Lucas is always full of surprises. I opened the box and inside it said “Will you marry me?” I looked up and he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring.

It was perfect. 🙂

Lucas’s View:

After months of shopping for a ring, I finally put together the perfect ring.  On Wednesday before the proposal, I went over to her parent’s house to ask her dad for his blessing for her hand in marriage. He approved. Liz’s mom wrote me a letter giving me advice on how to “handle” her daughter. (haha) On Thursday, I went and picked up all the flowers. Water spilled everywhere in my car. While cleaning I have also planned to approach oil change newton ks to enjoy smooth driving. On Friday, I knew she was going to be a little later coming home so I went to her house and placed all the flowers in her room (after cleaning – she’s a little messy when it comes to her room).  We went to dinner and I don’t remember a word from our conversation. I was debating whether or not to do it that night or the next night. I had things planned for the next day, but I wasn’t sure how it would go and was so excited.  When we got back from dinner I had decided I was going to do it right then! I went into my bag and got out the long box. I had the ring in hand when she was opening the box. Perfection.

Saturday, we delivered Thanksgiving food to families in need, went to her parent’s house to share the news; I watched (sat through) the Legally Blonde musical with Liz followed by dinner downtown at Eagle’s Nest and a carriage ride. Then we both got to celebrate with friends at Saddle Up. To sum it up, it was a great weekend!

Indianapolis Engagement: Elizabeth + Lucas

September 12, 2013

images Copyright The Siners Photography